TEDxYouth@RíoTuria 14-2-14 042

SKIP Director gives a TEDx Talk

TEDxYouth@RíoTuria 14-2-14 042

On February 14th the SKIP Director, Liz Wilson, took part in a TEDx Youth event in Valencia, Spain. Her speech is in English, with the title, “Do stuff you love and make a difference” and encourages people to get involved in community projects and volunteering as well as talking about Liz’s own motivation to work in international development projects. Click on this link to see the video


Day Trip to the Conache Lagoon

In February we were able to take the mothers that participate in our artisan workshops on a day trip to the Conache Lagoon and the weather was perfect for the occasion! Conache is not far from Trujillo, but the mothers that participate with SKIP very rarely have the opportunity, or resources, to leave their neighborhood.


After we arrived, the whole group took a nice walk around the lagoon and a few mothers even walked half way up the very steep sand dune located nearby! There was a farm on the property with all types of animals and many of the mothers were fawning over the baby goats. Everyone sat together to share lunch and chat.


It was a relaxing and enjoyable day for all! A special thankyou to those of you who donated in order to make this trip possible! ~ Jeanette Harris


SKIP helps stop violence against women and children

The 14th February celebrated the worldwide campaign “One Billion Rising”, which aims to put a stop to violence against women and children.

The event took place for the second year running and aims to mobilise one billion people to fight against all forms of violence against women and girls of all ages, and, thereby, raise sensitivity and awareness of the issue.

As a member of the Gender Roundtable since November 2013, SKIP was invited to participate in an event that took place near the town hall in El Porvenir, which witnessed the coming together, not only of the representatives of the roundtable, but also of various social actors from across the district, as well as of a number of entertainers who had travelled from Lima, and all those who wanted to participate in the “dance” against violence.


SKIP was represented by the Family Welfare Team and the Parents Comittee, both of which participated actively in the various activities held over the course of the morning. We were given T-shirts to celebrate the day, and a group of Social Work students from the National University of Trujillo hosted a quiz on the topic of gender and equality, in which our Parents Committee won several rounds, demonstrating the SKIP families’ awareness of the topic.


Over the morning more SKIP families started to join in as they arrived. As a final touch, following the presention of each of the organisations taking part, came a mass dance, in which everyone participated.

MANY THANKS TO ALL OF THE PARTICIPANTS, BOTH THE TEAM AND THE COMMITTEE, for their help to make this issue more visible.

diff in the right poster

Difference in the Right Direction

The world of international NGO work is a dynamic and exciting one and we are constantly challenged to find ways to maximise our impact using extremely limited resources. Often working in isolated locations, it can be hard to share information with other organisations and learn about best practice. diff in the right poster

This year, in partnership with NGO network Omprakash, SKIP will be hosting a Conference to bring together both NGO’s and volunteers. This conference, “Difference in the Right Direction” will provide a unique opportunity to receive quality training from experienced professionals working in grassroots organisations in the field. In addition, there will be discussion groups so participants can share experiences, gain peer support and learn from each other.

This will be the second time that Omprakash have hosted an NGO conference, the first was in Costa Rica in 2012. SKIP Director, Liz Wilson, attended, facilitating a session about child protection that was ultimately adapted into this training video for use in INGO’s. To hear about participants’ experiences, watch this great promotional video.

So we hope that you will join us in a challenge to be the best that we can be. Let’s work together to gain as much knowledge and insight as possible to enrich our work in supporting and improving the lives of vulnerable people.

If you would like to find out more, click on the poster or take a look at the press release on the Omprakash website

Alternatively, if you would like to register your interest in attending, fill in our quick application form – it should just take a few minutes.

For SKIP volunteers who will be with us in Peru in August, we will use your regular contribution fee to cover the costs of the conference so there will be no extra charges if you wish to attend – feel free to get in touch with us directly if you have any questions!!


Read the Feb 2014 Newsletter!!!

All kinds of exciting updates in our latest newsletter including information about the upcoming TEDx presentation by SKIP Director Liz Wilson and our usual fundraising updates and stories about how things are going in Peru. There’s also a list of backcopies of the newsletter if you want to have a look back over our stories from the past two years…



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Thanks Foodpanda!!!

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Thanks to our lovely friends at Foodpanda, online food delivery service, who just made a fantastic 50 Euro donation to SKIP via our other lovely friends at Omprakash. As many of you will know it’s a busy time of year for SKIP, and an expensive one as well because we need to buy all the school supplies, uniforms and shoes for the SKIP kids – so this donation couldn’t have come at a better time.



Kids Corner

18-year-old Taushomar is a dynamic SKIP student enjoying photography classes as part of the Holiday Club.

Joining SKIP in 2005, Taushomar started taking photos with SKIP last year and participated in all the great photography workshops both submitting his own pictures for the calendar and our photo expositions in the UK.

As you can see – he’s shown a real flair for photography and has enjoyed exploring his creative side.

Taushomar also posed for the great picture below as part of the Inside Out group action we ran in Trujillo. Through asking people to look into the eyes of the members of the SKIP community, we used photography to make a social message and challenge negative stereotypes about El Porvenir  – for more information about that, take a look on the Inside Out website.

As well as learning how to use a camera, the students have also learnt the basics of composition and how to show emotion in their photography.

Taushomar says that he loves photography because it is really fun and exciting, and it is an art.“it is a joy that makes me forget all my worries”he said.

Taushomar wants to carry on doing photography and also making videos. With hopes of becoming a computing systems engineer when he is older.

If you would like to hear more about photography workshops in the Secondary Programme, watch this great video where young people are interviewed about their experiences.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.48.17 PM

Holiday Club

The children shrieked with excitement as they splashed and learnt to swim in the large outdoor pool. Club Vacacional had begun and the kids from SKIP were at the beginning of their six week holiday club. Just half an hour earlier some of the youngsters had been very reluctant to even enter the water as they were unable to swim and the water was too deep for them to touch the bottom, but now, here they were completely trusting in the volunteers to keep them safe.

The previous day some of the secondary age children who were now enjoying themselves in the pool had been in our classroom for their English lesson. For the duration of Club Vacacional secondary children have been able to choose from a variety of activities which include swimming, photography lessons, compiling a newspaper, sports and even sand-boarding lessons down the massive dunes which dominate the area.

Primary aged children are taking part in music lessons, swimming, sport and classes which included English, maths and values. Following a lesson about bullying, one class wrote down all the things that upset them or some not so nice things that they may have done to others, converted the notepaper into paper airplanes and then outside on the patio, launched them out and away.

As the summer sun pushes the mercury in the thermometer off the scale, working at SKIP has taken a subtle turn. The kids are more laid back and as they have the opportunity to try out new experiences, are generally keen to participate. Everybody inside the classrooms are hot and sticky despite the windows and doors being wide open. The noises (and insects) from outside the high walls of SKIP intrude but it doesn’t matter – the summer has arrived which means temporary volleyball nets can be set up across the dusty roads in the evenings and icy cremoladas can be enjoyed.

Jane Clements

Travel Blog - Nep

Party Safely

Liz Wilson, the SKIP Director, recently wrote an article about safe travel for Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation – an organisation providing information and support to travelers regarding travel safety. There is an excerpt from the article below or you can read the complete article here.

“Although I have had many holidays to destinations in countries all across the world, I think it could be said that I don’t as much travel to places as I move there. The longest trip I have ever taken without having a job was for one month in Thailand. Even my round the world tour ended abruptly in my first stop off in Hong Kong where I got a teaching job and ended up staying for 8 months.

“Years on and I now have the privilege of living split between the US, UK and Peru in my role as the Director of a charity, SKIP – Supporting Kids In Peru. SKIP works in a disadvantaged area located on the outskirts of the city of Trujillo, on the North Coast of Peru. We enable children to access educational opportunities and support families to take control of their lives and pull themselves out of poverty. In this role I work with around 150 international volunteers each year which has provided some extensive insight into experiences of other travelers, in addition to my own….”

art show in trujillo peru

Art, Reality and Emotion in Faces of El Porvenir

The opening of our photographic exhibition, “Faces of ‘El Porvenir” took place on Thursday November 14th, at the Alianza Francesa in Trujillo.

Carried out by students of the SKIP’s photography and video workshop, the event brought together the young artists, who were accompanied by their families and friends, along with SKIP volunteers and community partners. The young people discovered firsthand the impact that their work had.  These young photographers offered society their own approach to reality, their photographs reflected their perspective on a city marked by negative factors such as gangs and drugs, but also showed the other side of the coin: community, union, home, and love.

art award reception trujillo peruFor eight months the young artists reflected on the art of photography and the use of this artistic platform as a medium for expressing their ideas, their feelings, and the art that is inside each of them.  Skip promotes quality education and understands that art in itself is an educative tool. Showing the students that it is possible to tell stories, report facts, inform, and excite others thanks to photography has been the exhibition’s goal.

One of the most emotional moments was when the audience enjoyed the premiere of the short film “The Journey,” a story about how the material value of things is meaningless if we can’t find value in the immaterial: friendship, family, dreams, the details and adventure in living.  Another very important aspect of the work is to show the rest of the world that following your dreams is a universal ideal, that finding and keeping a treasure depends on the person that finds it and how he or she uses it.

In addition to the students’ exhibition, the international participatory art project ‘Inside Out‘ was displayed, created by French street artist JR, who has collaborated with more than 120,000 people in over a hundred countries.  One SKIP task force has made several artistic interventions in the murals of the city of Trujillo. The goal is to make the population more aware of another reality in the district of ‘El Porvenir’, and offers another look past the negative stereotypes that mark the community.

All of these artistic acts will be the starting point of a long path for current and future SKIP artists. You can see a full album of photos taken at the event on Facebook.

There is also a video made by local television about the event.

“Photography helps the people see”

- Berenice Abbott.