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  • Photography workshops
  • Learning how to structure sentences in English
  • Reading together
  • Dynamic, fun and creative learning
  • Reading together in the library
  • Practicing writing
  • Reading favourite stories
  • I've finished!
  • Showing our emotions
  • Some alone reading time
  • Sewing workshop
  • Inside Out photography project
  • Getting homework done
  • Individual tuition in the library
  • Trips to the art gallery
  • Doing homework together
  • Video project
  • Local houses are made of adobe
  • View of Alto Trujillo
  • Concentrating on homework
  • Reading time
  • Practicing English vocabulary
  • At the monthly meeting for families
  • Time to dream
  • Who will get there first...
  • Learning the guitar
  • Football competition
  • View of El Porvenir
  • Holiday club group 2012
  • Career development workshops
  • The famous SKIP chalecos
  • Waiting for children to finish classes
  • Old SKIP logo
  • Training week problem solving
  • The team in 2008
  • Reading before classes start
  • Who is the strongest?
  • Art lessons using recycling
  • Kids skipping
  • learning phonics
  • Maths classes in primary education
  • Learning English
  • Inside Out photography project