8 new SKIPpers Start at our New Nursery

An exciting new project got underway on March 10th as we opened the doors to our youngest SKIPpers yet, aged just one and two years old. 8 children have been enrolled to participate in the SKIP nursery which takes place Monday to Friday in the mornings between 8 and 12. The objective is to enable parents and carers to work without worrying about child care and to provide an educationally stimulating environment for the children.
For the first morning, parents and carers spent half an hour settling the children in and then, some a little anxiously, left their children to enjoy activities in the nursery. They soon realised there was no need to worry, though, Ingrid who is a qualified Early Years Teacher, has prepared a great curriculum and with support from Teaching Assistant, Patricia, the classes have been going great.
This new project has been made possible by??the fundraising efforts of a French organisation, Por Les Bebes, who are covering all the costs of running the nursery. Without this support, the project would not have been possible so HUGE thanks to Por Les Bebes and their President, Isabelle le Moal, we look forward to bringing you more updates on how things are going as the year progresses.
Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.