Holiday club

Another Year … Fun and learning go hand in hand at the holiday club

At the start of every year, during January and February to tie in with the students??? school holidays, we at SKIP run our Holiday Club.

Everything starts with the planning and organisation: timetables, groups, lists, teachers, activities, workshops, applications, jobs, etc. All in the name of creating a place and a time for fun, alternative leisure activities and meaningful learning.

A few weeks dedicated to continuing learning in a more active, practical and creative way, using the students??? holiday time so as to not lose the dynamic built up over the rest of the year, as well as promoting healthy leisure activities.

Appropriate ways to organise having been found and a lot of effort having been put into the planning, the fun can start.


At Primary, from Monday to Friday, two of the five days are dedicated to continuing to reinforce communication and maths skills with a fun component, and specific topics, mixing academia with magic: communication through history, colours, tastes and the flora and fauna of Latin America, or impossible riddles and tongue-twisters, or learning maths by way of experimentation, magic and science, or origami to teach geometry.

The teachers of these subjects led their groups with an effort, dedication, constant work and sincerest love that brought out the best in themselves as well as the students, perfectly managing the children???s behaviour and creating a truly magical and relaxed atmosphere every day.

HC2015 English

English, as ever, was full of surprises, such as learning in English how to plant a seed and watch it grow, and added to the magic that drives these weeks. The energy and creativity of the teachers brought about truly fun activities and learning that held more meaning for the students.

Sport always figures among our activities and on this occasion we had a Brazilian volunteer on the team who organised treasure hunts, obstacle courses and impossible ball-passing challenges.

HC2015 art1

Art and recycling proved to be the best way to continue raising awareness among the children of El Porvenir. Robots, masks, collages… all planned and organised with the utmost care by the subject teachers to be as free as possible. It really was a space that allowed the children to create, imagine and express themselves freely, resulting in great works of art.

Music was taught alongside theatre and, largely thanks to the teachers??? effort, creativity and involvement , turned out to be one of the Holiday Club???s most powerful workshops. They learnt songs, keeping the rhythm with buckets, water bottles and other recycled materials that could be turned into musical instruments, acted and, throwing off any shyness, fully expressed themselves.

Another star of the Holiday Club was the subject Values, the SKIP psychologist, who, with the help of other psychology volunteers, ran workshops and activities to promote teamwork, respect towards others and conflict resolution through empathy and understanding rather than violence. Everyone enjoyed the videos and activities, and, of course, carried on learning to better themselves.

The swimming pool: water, games, sun, joy, excitement, splashing, delight. All with the end of offering our students a place of learning and play, through the greatest possible involvement and commitment from the volunteers.


All this was designed to be a party to say goodbye to the summer and to welcome in the new school year, with a special ???see you??? to the primary class of 2014 going on to secondary school in 2015, who made such a huge effort over the whole year to reach their goals. Well done everyone! Carry on studying so hard and so well.

At the farewell party, we were able to enjoy 5 fun water games ending in a ???water fight??? between everyone, which the students had been waiting for since the moment they saw the first drop of water.

Every day made us laugh, rejoice, learn together, jump for joy, dance, hug, dream… Every day filled us with satisfaction, joy and even (we could just squeeze some more in) love.

Megan 3

A huge thanks to all the team that worked on the Holiday Club 2015: Megan, Alex, Rachel, Smile, Grace, Theo, Diego, Nadia, Loredana, Lori, Jake H., Jake S., Katarina, Brie, Jean Claire, Joy, Diego, Kerrie, Cheryl, Laura and David.

It???s been a pleasure to learn together!

Great work, team!

Another year, mission completed… fun and learning!

~ Vanessa Bell??n, Primary Coordinator.

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