Assistant Sports Coach

  • Swimming in the local pool

There are over 300 children between the ages of four and eighteen years old currently enrolled in the education programme, which makes it the largest department in SKIP. We aim to maintain an exciting, stimulating and engaging learning environment. Our aim is not to replace the local education system, but rather supplement it. Following a curriculum designed especially for the children at SKIP, we provide classes in subjects such as reading comprehension, Maths and English.

The Sports programme

We have recently developed a structured physical education programme to complement our classroom curriculum for the children at SKIP. This provides an opportunity for students to participate regularly and safely in physical activity and to learn important social and interpersonal skills, contributing to psychological well-being, physical capacity, and the ability to cope with stress. Through this program we aim to foster concentration, better classroom behavior and more focused learning.

The position

Under the supervision of the Sports Leader, the sports coach volunteer will support sports classes several times per week for children aged 5-17 years old

This position is part-time, so there will be the opportunity to be involved in the other programmes we run.

The benefits of volunteering with us
In return for your invaluable participation in our volunteering programme, SKIP will provide:

  • A thorough induction to the organisation, programmes, department and specific role
  • Structured and relevant training from fully qualified and experienced staff members????? you can read??bios for all our permanent team??on the website
  • Mentoring and support in the form of regular supervision and staff meetings as well as informal sessions
  • The chance to be a part of a diverse and dedicated team and a welcoming community
  • Confirmation of volunteer service.

Volunteer Profile


  • Interest in sport and physical education
  • Basic Spanish
  • Passion for working with children
  • Confidence to deal with disciplinary issues outside on the sports ground
  • Enthusiasm
  • Energy
  • Patience
  • Tenacity
  • Maturity
  • Minimum 1 month commitment
  • Desired:

    • Experience working with children.
    • Intermediate Spanish

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    volunteer blog: assistant sports coach

    Volunteering was something I wanted to do because I have extended periods between work placements; I am an engineer on ships. The goals I wanted to achieve volunteering at SKIP were to undertake beneficial work to a community, improve my Spanish and have fun at the same time - I can whole heartedly say I accomplished all three.

    The work at both the public schools and at the NGO managed SKIP school was challenging in terms of there being no limit as to the amount of effort you could put into a lesson (beforehand and during) and rewarding as results from each class varied from unilateral successes to shall we say, more mixed results.... The children are the most charismatic group one will ever meet! Day to day life in a non-touristy city such as Trujillo and communicating to the children whilst teaching in lessons such as sport and photography for example encouraged me to develop my basic Spanish into something more substantial.

    Fun was in every guise imaginable; playing board games with the children in the library, going to the beach at Huanchaco with other volunteer colleagues or treating myself for ceviche at a local restaurant recommended by the volunteer coordinators. I would sincerely recommend teaching at SKIP to anyone; especially those who like to push themselves and enjoy adventure (I would like to think everyone in the world possesses these characteristics but maybe I'm being a little na??ve). I have great memories that I will cherish and have grown as a person, an undeniably invaluable experience.

    ~ Gareth