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Bulgaria is known for supplying roses all over Europe. For western men, the scent and fresh roses remind them of Bulgarian women. These beauties charm their way into anyone’s heart effortlessly. With their natural beauty, great attitude, and outgoing personality, men are bound to fall in love with them at first sight. The best part of it is that there are thousands of single women online waiting to meet a foreigner and start a life full of fun and passion. Read on for crucial details on how and why you should meet them.

Why are Bulgarian Women So Popular?

The popularity of Bulgarian women is explained by many aspects. To start with, these princesses are very attractive. They are tall, slim and curvy, with silky long-dark hair completing the exotic look. You may be forgiven for confusing them with Latina women because they share some of the physical features. 

Also, every Bulgarian girl knows how to look after her body and appearance. You may find it difficult to differentiate between a 20-year-old and a woman in her late 30s. They follow simple yet essential beauty regimes to keep their skin soft and appealing, even without makeup. Their willingness to exercise and eat healthy makes them different from other brides. 

Bulgarian mail order brides are popular because they are perfectly fine with long-distance relationships. They do not nag you and keep you on your toes because they are prepared for the difficulties of dating a man living overseas. They will keep the conversation going, make sacrifices to see you when possible, and remain loyal no matter what. 

The popularity of Bulgarian brides is also attributed to their perspective on starting up a family. Many men are looking for feminine and friendly women that do not mind bearing a few children and spending quality time with them. Bulgarian beauties come highly recommended for this reason. Their culinary skills are on the next level, which means that you will always want to return home after long days. 

Unlike other brides, Bulgarian women are honest. They are not out to take advantage of you or use your marriage union to advance their selfish agenda. After all, Bulgarians have more or less the same opportunities to create an economically stable life while at home. When one of their brides is interested in you, their only desire is to attend to your needs.  

How to Date Bulgarian Women 

Being aware of the dos and don’ts of dating Bulgarian women is essential. After all, you do not come from the same culture and the norms and values may clash if you are ill-equipped with relevant information.

Your first card to pull should be that of being a gentleman from the get go. Bulgarians are known to uphold the medieval knightly chivalric codes. It means that you must protect and honor your bride at all times. You can demonstrate this by opening doors, sending gifts, paying attention during conversations, and pulling chairs while in a restaurant. It pays off if you respect your Bulgarian bride’s family and culture. Wearing a good pair of suit while on a date and doing away with unnecessary facial hair and body odors may also earn you a few points. 

Being confident is one of the most attractive qualities that Bulgarian women look for from foreign men. This means that you must state what you are looking for in the relationship. You must also stand tall even when things don’t seem to go your way. Always refuse to speak ill of yourself and instead, count your blessings and speak about them without showing off. 

Being open to new ideas and perspectives in dating and marriage could help you find the most stunning Bulgarian woman ever. These brides are always ready to have fun, try new things, and explore the world. You may want to try random things such as texting your girl at an unexpected time, planning a trip to a secret getaway, and going out for a dance. 

Bulgarian women may take time to make decisions on whether to date you or not. Do not rush her even when you think that you have great chemistry. Instead, reassure her that you are respectful of her decisions. She will eventually warm up if she feels safe and loved.  

It is also vital to ensure that your expectations are realistic. Just like other people in the world, Bulgarian girls may have a few flaws here and there. You can accept some of them if they do not stand in your way of happiness. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating and Marrying Girls from Bulgaria 


Dating and marrying Bulgarian mail order brides comes with various advantages. First, you are assured that your girlfriend or wife is not trying to compete with you in any way. She is only in your life to help you in all areas of life. These girls know how to allow men to take a leadership role in marriage and in the professional world.

Second, marrying Bulgarian girls gives you an opportunity to start a functional and stable family. It is a well-established fact that divorce rates in the country are few because roles are clearly defined. Your wife will take care of kids, keep your home neat, and resolve every domestic issue with maturity. All your fears of paying alimony will disappear once you marry a Bulgarian. 

Third, Bulgarian women for marriage fulfill your fantasy of living happily ever after with a beautiful girl. Unlike western women, Bulgarians have exotic features that you will never find anywhere in the world. This is because different races and tribes make up their ancestry. From their hips, lips, to their eyes, these girls match the description of a trophy wife. 

Fourth, Bulgarian women are honest and straightforward. You will not be subject to the back and forth that many girls take you through. Rather, Bulgarians will let you know when she has made her decision on marriage or relationship. She is also quick to let you know how she wants to be treated.

Fifth, a Bulgarian mail order bride is intelligent and witty. She knows how to make wise decisions and achieve all her goals in life. You don’t have to worry about your wife spending all your resources on unnecessary things. With such a girl, you will always get through difficult times in life. 


Dating and marrying Bulgarian women come with two minor and easy-to-solve issues. Foremost, you may have struggles communicating with the love of your life. While many of them can understand most of the English words, they may have trouble spelling some of them. It may necessitate that you find a translator at the beginning of the relationship. The phrase “lost in translation” could apply to you in these moments. However, you can overcome this issue by being patient and learning your bride’s language.

Second, dating Bulgarian brides may come with costs of making travel arrangements. You must get all the documents right to comply with the law, all which come with a little cost. It is also possible to incur expenses during casual visits to and from Bulgaria. Nonetheless, the entire process is worth the cost and time. You will get all the joy, happiness, and peace that the American brides can never provide. 

Why Do Bulgarian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Bulgarian women become mail order brides because they love foreign men to bits. They are fully fascinated by the qualities of American men such as confidence, courage, and charisma. This is why you can count on them to be with you for the rest of your life. 

More so, Bulgarian girls are adventurous by nature. Instead of marrying locally and walking the familiar path, they are more than willing to find out what lies on the side of the world. This adventurous leg will keep your marriage or relationship spiced up and exciting. 

Meeting a good man to date and marry is easier when Bulgarian mail order brides set up profiles on dating websites. Almost everyone in the modern day society is trying to juggle different activities to make ends meet. Finding time to go out and meet men can be daunting, which explains why online dating saves the day. 

How to Find a Reliable Bulgarian Mail Order Bride Website 

Not all Bulgarian mail order bride websites can be trusted. While some are rarely known, others are filled with scammers and girls playing mind games with men. The best website must have positive reviews from other lovers. Just because a website has many profiles does not mean it can deliver good results. Always make sure that previous clients have been fully satisfied before you register with the service provider.

A reliable website to find Bulgarian women must be designed well. It means that you should not have a problem going through the profiles or registering. Put differently, the speed of service delivery must be superb to get the type of experience that you deserve. 

Additionally, always make sure that the security policy on the website is great. You don’t want to sign in with a website that exposes your personal details to the scammers. The service providers must have perfect mechanisms on how to detect fraudsters on time to avoid criminal activities. You should also be in a position to report any malicious activity on the site. 

The customer care services for Bulgarian mail order bride website should be top notch. You have a right to ask questions or get clarifications at any time of the day.  If the service provider takes too long to answer your mail, message, or phone call, keep looking for the right site. 

How Are Bulgarian Brides Different From Other Women?

While on a search for Bulgarian brides, you should sit certain that you are not getting a raw deal. These brides are absolutely different from others because of their personalities, physical features, and attitude towards life. 

As stated earlier, a Bulgarian girl possesses an exotic look that you will never find anywhere else in the world. They will make you think again if you are of the opinion that you have already met all the beautiful women of the world. This unique look is combined with an amazing outlook of life. They are always positive and easy-going. You will always have a good time even when marriage life is not as predictable as you imagined. 

Bulgarian women find joy in taking care of their families. They do not leave their careers or independence behind because they have to. Rather, they get into family life because they want to. They will make any adjustments to make you and other people in your life happy and fulfilled. Delicious southern dishes will welcome you every day, while your home will look inviting and warm. 

Better still, Bulgarian brides are religious, decent, and self-respecting. While other brides forget their moral codes after hitting puberty, a Bulgarian beauty holds on to her values for life. The traditional religion in the country is orthodox Christianity, which shapes these girls’ worldview. Even so, some girls adhere to other life’s philosophies depending on their preferences and upbringing. Rest assured that your bride will not be the type of girl to hang out with wrong crowds or embarrass you during family meetings with foul language. 

Summing Up: Bulgarian Brides versus American Women 

Bulgarian brides

Clearly, Bulgarian women are way ahead of the American women when it comes to dating and building a family. The naturally beautiful and charming Bulgarian princess has her priorities right in that they are devoted to her family like nothing else matters. Unlike the American bride, she is not overly concerned about proving her point in the corporate world or pursuing a path of independence. With her positive attitude and decent sense of being, anyone marrying them is always assured of walking on the sunny side of life