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International Development NGO Conference, Difference in the Right Direction

The world of international development NGO work is a dynamic and exciting one and we are constantly challenged to find ways to maximise our impact using extremely limited resources. Often working in isolated locations, it can be hard to share information with other organisations and learn about best practice.??diff in the right poster

This year, in partnership with International NGO network Omprakash, SKIP will be hosting a Conference to bring together both NGO’s and volunteers. This conference, “Difference in the Right Direction” will provide a unique opportunity to receive quality training from experienced professionals working in grassroots organisations in the field. In addition, there will be discussion groups so participants can share experiences, gain peer support and learn from each other.

This will be the second time that Omprakash have hosted an International NGO conference, the first was in Costa Rica in 2012. SKIP Director, Liz Wilson, attended, facilitating a session about child protection that was ultimately adapted into this training video for use in INGO’s. To hear about participants’ experiences, watch this great promotional video.

So we hope that you will join us in a challenge to be the best that we can be. Let’s work together to gain as much knowledge and insight as possible to enrich our work in supporting and improving the lives of vulnerable people.

If you would like to find out more, click on the poster or take a look at the press release on the Omprakash website

Alternatively, if you would like to register your interest in attending,??fill in our quick application form – it should just take a few minutes.

Click here to read another article about the conference written by SKIP Director Liz Wilson and published in The Guardian. Identifying competitiveness in the private sector as a weakness, Liz describes how??grassroots international development NGO’s and their volunteers can use??this training conference to share skills and maximise their potential to provide a quality service to vulnerable people.

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