Grupo 10

A Different Group, Group 10!!

When we began the academic year in 2014, we were all very excited and keen to start before even realising that this year a new group would be added to the workforce.??grupo 10 c

To our 9 original groups in the Primary Education Programme we added one more. Group 10.
It would be different from the other groups in that it was created in response to a timetable clash for some children??who have to go to school in the afternoon and therefore can’t make it to our SKIP classes.

It was a challenge from the beginning, not just in terms of the struggle to have enough volunteers to run the sessions, but also the complexity of teaching so many different grades at once, which ranged from 1st grade to sixth grade.

The group began with a simple plan based on the necessities of each individual student, not just on an academic level, but also on a social, behavioural and emotional level. This incorporated dealing with their lack of basic reading and writing skills, going on through to the times tables and all the way up to the social needs of each age group in group 10.

Lots of time was dedicated to working on the values of team work until we had managed to build safe, strong ties between all members of the group.??Now we enjoy an atmosphere of mutual help and even complicity, resulting in excellent team work and collaboration in carrying out their daily tasks.

Group 10 was formed and strengthened thanks to the team work and participation of all the volunteers who have worked within it.

grupo 10b

The group has now advanced to such an extent that, on an academic level, all the students of group 10 have passed their November tests with significantly higher grades to those they achieved in March, thanks to the effort that has been put in by everyone.

Today group 10 has blossomed into an active, funny and hands on group!

Great work group 10!!

Vanessa Bell??n, Primary Coordinator.

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