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Christmas Campaign

600 people, hundreds of presents and an astonishing amount of Christmas cake, our annual Christmas party is a fantastic celebration and the highlight of the year for many of the children we work with. This year, we need your help to make it happen.

Our aim is to be able to provide a christmas gift per child along with a paneton (Christmas Cake) per family. On the day we would like to offer each person the traditional Peruvian treats of hot chocolate and paneton, if possible we would also like to be able to offer an empanada.

SKIP is able to organise much of the event for free, we use our partnership with local schools to obtain the venue for free and members of the community donate their time for plays and songs so the entertainment is also free.

However, we still have MUCH to buy and this year we know that our budget cannot cover the costs as all our regular financing has been spent supporting our project work. Without help, we will have to reduce the size of the party this year and won't be able to give individual gifts to the children. We are hoping that our SKIP supporters can pull together on this one and help us meet our target so that won't be the case. We are going to provide a detailed budget so that you can see exactly where your money will be spent.

We are more than happy to provide donation receipts - we are a registered charity in the UK, US and Peru. Keep checking back on this page and we will keep it updated with news about how the fundraising is going.

Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch:

Budget – Fundraising Target


  • $250 = Paneton for 600 people ($5 each)
  • $300 = Empanadas ($0.5 each)
  • Total: $550

Hot chocolate:

  • $195 = Milk - 150 litres (approx $1.3 per litre)
  • $60 Chocolate - 80 bars
  • $15 = Sugar - 20 kg (approx $0.75 per kg)
  • $3 = Cinammon
  • Total: $273


  • $840 = Christmas gifts for 280 children - $3 per gift
  • $54 = Prizes for 18 children in Primary Education - $3 per prize
  • $30 = Prizes for 10 young people in Secondary Ed - $3 per prize
  • $50 = Awards for 10 parents/carers for participation in SKIP - $5 per award
  • $700 = Paneton for 140 family Christmas bags - $5 each
  • $105 = Bar of chocolate for family bags - $0.75 each
  • Total: $1,779


Ways to donate:

You can make a cheap and easy Donation via Dwolla who provide a special low cost service for NGO's - our account is linked to the following email: which you can also use if you need to contact us with any questions.

Or you can make a bank transfer

Alternatively, you can use the donation buttons below to make a donation via paypal:

Donate in USD

Buy all the prizes for Secondary kids for a $35 donation
Cover Christmas costs for a family for $20
Buy 20 children a Xmas gift for $60
Donate the $ amount of your choice

Donate in GBP

Buy all the hot chocolate sugar ??10
Buy all the chocolate for the gift bags ??65
Buy 6 paneton for a ??20 donation
Donate the ?? amount of your choice

Donate in Euro

Buy 9 paneton for a ???35 donation
Buy 17 bars of chocolate for ???10
Donate 6 christmas gifts for ???15
Donate the ??? amount of your choice

Donations Register

Here's a list of our generous donations to the campaign - if you would prefer to be anonymous, then just let us know when you donate :)

29th September - Our first donation, huge thanks to Cheryl who is going to be volunteering with us in January and donated $10 to get us started buying those all important Christmas gifts.

4th october Woo hoo - thanks to past volunteer Krish who just donated $50 to buy all the awards for parents and carers in lieu of an ice bucket challenge!!

10th October - And another past volunteer steps up with a $100 donation from Liz R - that's enough to buy 20 paneton!!

15th October - Not content with running a half marathon to fundraise already this year, Sam Webb buys all the prizes for the primary kids with a $54 donation

15th October - Jack Brown makes sure that this year's party will have tasty drinks by donating $60 to buy all the chocolate for the hot chocolates

22nd October - Thanks to Trevan Locke $20 will cover the Christmas costs for a whole family

25th October - Wow - the Cripps family, who have already done masses of fundraising for SKIP in the past, have donated ??200 - enough to cover all the hot chocolate and with enough left over to buy a further 15 paneton :)

26th October - Thanks to Joan Leonard 20 Christmas gifts for the kids :)

30th October - Gemma Adamiw thanks so much for your ??30 donation in lieu of gifts for her family

30th October - Another family christmas covered by Branden Kfoury

1st November - A huge day for the fundraising campaign today as John Christensen donates $700 almost doubling the amount we've raised so far and pushing the total well above the half way point!

3rd November - thanks Joseph Findaro for $50

3rd November - Jo Peltier helps us along with at $150 donation!!

3rd November - Concluding a great day for the fundraising campaign with a $250 donation

4th November - $60 from Julie Sandino for 20 Christmas gifts and we're just $600 away from our total now :)

7th November - another amazing donation from the Peltier family with $500 nearly taking us to our target!!

7th November - Wendy Wilson helps with a $48 donation in gifts for the girls

9th November - Thanks so much to the Ardsley High School Spanish Club who just donated $500 to SKIP and mean that we have reached our target funding amount - WOO HOO the party is funded!!