SKIP Alto Trujillo


  • Attendance for children and adults was over 90%
  • Classes were provided for 6 hours per week for 6 months of the year
  • Parents and carers received a total of 10 training workshops
  • An additional 13 families and 31 children were recruited to start the programme in 2014

SKIP in Virgin Del Carmen School

In June 2013, after several months working on the selection process, SKIP began working with 9 new families and 11 children in our first satellite project located at the Solaris school in Alto Trujillo. Using the school facilites when they were unused in the afternoons, SKIP provides lessons and homework help to the children twice per week for three hours each time in addition to biweekly training workshops for parents. This is the most cost effective way for SKIP to provide services and facilitates working partnerships with local schools as they are able to refer on families they identify as most needing support, helping us with the selection process.

For 2014 we have increased the number of children in the project to 43 and we are now working with 23 families.

For 2014 we also moved project location to the Virgin Del Carmen School. In addition to the fact that Virgin Del Carmen were able to offer us more permanent classroom space, they are a much larger school than Solaris and we found that there was greater need within their families.