Kindergarten ???MY LITTLE SCHOOL??? (Baby explorers)

???My little school??? (Escuelita) was the name of the class for the 1 and 2 year olds. It took time for the children to adapt to their new experience in first grade of cycle 1. They got used to the routine such as not crying when they entered the classroom. The strategy was to be kind and give them confidence, and we did this by starting off the routine with toys, going outside to the playground to eat lunch in train formation, singing at the start of an activity and using movement activities with instruments and music, believing that they can enjoy growing up and their education without missing out on the opportunity to sing, play and share. This is the best recipe so that they form an excellent relationship with learning and means that they can learn in a fun way.


~ Ingrid Pereda Valdiviezo (SKIP Nursery Teacher)

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.