Economic Development

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  • A total of 545 products were sold from the production workshops with 36 women participating
  • Attendance in the workshops was over 85%
  • 39 loans were given to families totaling 8,029 soles
  • Loan repayment rate was 95%
Read more about programme outcomes in our annual reports

Programme Description

EcoDev helps the families of SKIP achieve a higher level of wellbeing through independent business initiatives. We help SKIP families create sustainable sources of income and we provide them with opportunities to develop their artisan and business skills to pursue their goals.

SKIP???s current EcoDev project portfolio includes a micro-credit programme which supplies small loans and business consulting to current or potential business owners. We also have a savings programme, run business education workshops, artisan workshops including jewellery making, sewing, and weaving and have a health related loan programmes.


The business loans we offer start at 50 to 100 Soles (approx $18 to $35 USD) and, depending on an internally developed credit rating, can reach 500 Soles (approx $200 USD). In order to comply with our non profit status in Peru, we are not allowed to charge interest on loans, but we do run a training programme in order to increase understanding for formal banking systems.

See the SKIP film to learn how two of our borrowers, Marisol and William, used their micro-loan to start a recycling business.

Savings programme

EcoDev emphasises the importance of saving to financially protect the business and health of our families. Without preparing and planning for the future the families of El Porvenir remain vulnerable. For all loans we require that the weekly payment includes obligatory savings to introduce important habits. At the closure of the loan we encourage the savings portion to be deposited into an interest-bearing bank account with an accredited Peruvian bank, or reinvested in their business. Borrowers are frequently impressed with the savings they accumulated over the term of the loan! The EcoDev team facilitates the relationship with local banks to provide the families with secure savings options.

Business workshops
The EcoDev team regularly organises business workshops aimed at SKIP members who would like to develop or start a business. The workshops are tailored to the needs of the businesses in El Porvenir and include bookkeeping, savings and inventory management.

Production workshops - Talleres

In these workshops knowledgeable mothers of SKIP train other mothers to develop skills in jewellery making, sewing, crochet and macram??. The raw materials for these workshops are purchased directly from the local market by the mothers participating in the program. The EcoDev team aids in the co-ordination of local and international sales for the mothers, while also instilling practical business skills to empower the mothers to work towards functioning more independently.

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