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In 2014 SKIP worked throughout the year with three local public schools:

  • A total of 1,730 children received English classes throughout the year
  • A total of 1,986 English classes were taught in local schools
  • 30% improvement in average test scores between the beginning and start of the year for Primary Education students
  • 16% improvement in test scores for Secondary Education students
  • In testing at the start of the year, children and young people who had previously attended SKIP scored 8% higher in their exams than children entering the programme in 2014
  • In Primary Education, 83% of students improved their test scores
  • In Secondary Education, 70% of students improved their test scores

Read more about programme outcomes in our annual reports


Programme Description

SKIP's English teaching programme provides lessons not only to the 300 children enrolled in our programme but also to over 700 other children who attend public schools in the local area. Teaching in the public schools enables us to not only provide a head start to children who will study English in Secondary school as a required subject, but also to provide solid support for SKIP within the local community.

Thanks to a partnership with the American Embassy, we have also been able to provide scholarships to learn English for our most motivated children and teenagers at the El Cultural Language Institute a private and prestigious language school located in the centre of Trujillo.

The English teaching programme aligns with the overall SKIP philosophy, and shares the common objectives of promoting multiculturalism and also developing a global dimension within the children???s education. This is facilitated by our English teachers - a dedicated team of international volunteers, many of whom are native English speakers. SKIP English classes are designed to foster the self-esteem and creativity of students, offering a safe space for self-expression through participative, dynamic activities.

Furthermore, our English programme also aims to give the children and teenagers of El Porvenir the ability to communicate in another language, which not only opens doors to other cultures but can also increase job opportunities in many careers where understanding a foreign language is a real asset.

Besides career, English studies at high school can be of great help for the most motivated students who strive to continue their educational pursuits in American colleges and universities. This option, however, is not for everyone since students need to not only study the subjects and pass exams required by the state of Peru but also prepare for American standardized testing to send their test scores to USA colleges they want to enter.

Through our programme, we provide college admission essay help as well. This training consists of a few study sessions where we help Peruvian students get acquainted with American standards of academic writing and effective writing techniques. Each student boosters their writing skills with us, becoming a fair student writer by the time they finish our English programme. With the knowledge that we provide, our students do not need to hire private tutors for developing writing skills: instead, they complete their assignments and scholarship essay writing on their own. The results shown by the recent programme graduates demonstrated that our programme is quite effective for Spanish writers as well: students scores in Spanish writing also increased substantially. Therefore, we encourage newcomers to our programme to not hesitate and reach out to us immediately if you want to find out how to become our student.

Finally, many of our graduates managed to get employed right after finishing our programme and receiving their high school diploma. Their proficient level of English allowed them to intern at a college essay writing service as essay writers. Working with the real orders in English helped them take their writing and organizational skills to the next level and demonstrate their writing talent to service users. Of course, all of them were given only the easiest orders to work on, but those who enrolled in college and demonstrated high results in freelance writing are encouraged to continue working for our essay service to help other students become better writers. Our plan for these young writers will be to hire them on a full-time basis when they graduate from their colleges with degrees. Working with us will also include volunteering for our English programme and being an ambassador of our values and goals.

If you are interested in becoming part of this educational story, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we could tell you more about the enrollment process and deadlines you should follow to be chosen to study with us.

Our English teaching programme is supervised by an experienced and qualified EFL teacher so as a volunteer you will receive support and skills training in lesson planning and teaching techniques:

Read more about being an English teaching volunteer.

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