Library and Homework Help


  • For 2013 in the Primary Education Programme we had an average of 9 children in the library per day for 3 hours per session, 6 days per week (Monday to Saturday)
  • Two volunteer tutors attend each library session
  • Children in the Primary Education Programme also receive an additional three hours of homework help and reading time during their regular weekly SKIP classes
  • At the current time, access to the library for Secondary Education Programme participants has been reduced to twice weekly as the service was not being used. We will continue to review the need and increase opening times as and when required.
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    Programme Description

    All 300 children enrolled in the SKIP programme enjoy daily access to the library where they can come to read and get help with their homework. In addition to support from tutors in the library, the children can find answers for themselves using the available reading materials, including a recently donated complete collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    This programme is important for several reasons. Firstly, because parents are illiterate, may not have completed primary education themselves or have oppressive work schedules, many of the SKIP children are not able to get help with their homework at home. In order to pass their classes in school, children must dedicate many hours per week to their homework and it's understandable that, especially at younger ages, they need support and encouragement in order to be able to do this.

    The library is also important because it provides a safe place for the children to spend time where they can also be intellectually challenged. After the first hour of the afternoon and once children have completed their homework, they are allowed to play educational games like jigsaw puzzles or chess. In this way children are able to explore other interests.

    Finally, of course, the library provides access to reading materials that the children are very unlikely to have at home. It is well known that a child's ability to read will have a profound effect on the success of their school career. Children living in poverty are placed at a huge disadvantage because they have no books at home which means they do not get to practice reading which will inhibit the development of those skills. The SKIP library is stocked with a wide range of reading materials and so the children are able to explore a whole new world of stories and set their imaginations free.