Primary Education Programme

  • Practicing writing


  • Maths scores improved by 7.6% between the beginning and end of the year.
  • Reading comprehension scores improved 7.3% between the beginning and end of the year
  • 75.5% of children improved or stayed the same in their test scores in maths
  • 69% of children improved or stayed the same in their test scores in Communications.
  • 21 children in 6th Grade Primary graduated and will be enrolled in Secondary School for 2014.
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Programme Description

Public schools in El Porvenir and Alto Trujillo
The systems of poverty confronting families in El Porvenir inhibit children???s early academic growth and cognitive stimulation. This disadvantage is then compounded by the education children receive in the under-resourced and over crowded public schools of El Porvenir.

Children spend the majority of the school day copying information from the black board into their notebooks. Little emphasis is placed on understanding, analysing concepts or building academic skills and problem solving strategies. When SKIP issued standardised tests to evaluate the student's academic performance the results showed that the vast majority of students were performing several years below grade level.

SKIP aims to increase the number of children completing primary education, for each child we:

  • Fully finance school education (fees, uniforms, materials).
  • Provide extra curricular lessons in English, Maths and Literacy/Communications twice per week for 40 minutes each
  • Provide help with homework every day (Mon ??? Fri afternoons and Sat mornings)
  • Provide daily access to a reading library which includes stimulative games such as jigsaw puzzles (Mon - Sat)
  • Provide complimentary teaching in art and sports once per week for an hour each session
  • Providing monthly class teaching to develop emotional intelligence (e.g. morals ??? why don't we hit other people?).
  • Support the development of emotional intelligence and impulse control through use of a structured behaviour management system, using positive reinforcement and a clear set of consequences for inappropriate behaviour.
  • Provide therapeutic treatment to children via individual therapy and group sessions as required.
  • Provide a 6 week Holiday Club during the summer break

Teaching Philosophy

SKIP promotes a??kinesthetic and dynamic teaching style,??using practical examples so children are able to relate the concepts they are learning to their daily lives. We have developed our own teaching curriculum, complimenting the children's learning in school. This helps to provide guidance and structure to the teaching sessions but there is flexibility for volunteers to be creative and incorporate their own ideas.

We have??identified the need to provide students with a social and emotional learning programme to help foster their ability to solve problems without anger or aggression, and treat others with compassion. In the past we have used the??Second Step programme - a violence reduction curriculum which uses role-play and discussions to help children generate the skills, language and confidence to peacefully and productively solve their own problems.

We also have a clear and structured behaviour management system where we use traffic lights or star charts to promote positive reinforcement and give children a series of warnings and consequences for disruptive or challenging behaviour. We hold regular training sessions and weekly supervision team meetings so that teachers are able to talk about difficulties and work on professional development.

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