Secondary Education Programme

  • Photography workshops


  • Students participating: 137
  • Attendance: 70%
  • Students completing Secondary Education: 13
  • 85% of students maintained or improved their test scores in maths.
  • 84% of students maintained or improved their test scores in communication.
  • 2 students who completed Secondary Education in 2011 have received full scholarships in a private to study for their pre-university exams.
  • A further 6 students are preparing for University with classes costing just one sol at ???La Casa Juventud???
  • 3 students awarded scholarships to study English in the private language institute ???El Cultural???
  • 3 students awarded scholarships to study French in ???La Alianza Francesa???
Read more about programme outcomes in our annual reports

Programme Description

The aim of this programme is to foster the individual and collective growth of SKIP students, by creating a suitable atmosphere which helps them navigate the difficult transition from child to adult and make positive choices for their future lives. Group sessions focus on values of solidarity and co-operation - respecting both themselves and others, and developing self esteem and confidence. Further aims involve motivating the teenagers in their school programmes, using study as a means of integration and self achievement, and helping the students in their future job searches.

All young people attend Secondary schools in the local area and then have additional classes at SKIP twice per week. Academic classes focus on the core subjects of English, Communications and Maths, students attend a one hour long lesson in each subject intended to support and enhance their learning at school. In addition, they participate in a Youth club with two extracurricular sessions for an hour and a half in duration, where they choose two options from dance, sport, art, video discussion, English conversation, photography and drama. Young people also have twice weekly access to the library and help with homework .

As such, each enrolled student receives 6 hours of additional education at SKIP per week, in 5 subject areas, split between two days. We also run occasional workshops offering career advice with opportunities to speak to local workers in order to start thinking about practical ways to enter the workplace. We also have a youth volunteering programme where 12 young people who have graduated from secondary school are trained to volunteer as teaching assistants with the younger children at SKIP once per week.

Why the secondary programme is so important

Being a teenager is a difficult time in most people???s lives. It's a time when people begin to take decisions about their future, develop skills and personal identities. That is why adolescence is the time when people need to be supported, helped, heard and encouraged towards their personal achievements.

Often, the youth from El Porvenir grow up with responsibilities which prevent them from completing activities such as their homework - and also prevents them from having time to think about their future. Some of them have no choice but to drop studies because of their family's economic situation, and others have no free time to spend in recreational activities.

The students we work with mainly come from migrant families - from the jungle or mountain regions - who have set up home in El Porvenir. As such they often have limited wider family support. The community is also newly developed, lacking roots and cohesion - there is no mutual conscience or confidence in others, great competitiveness, dissension and little local solidarity. Within this context SKIP is providing extra curricular activities that give the secondary school students academic support and constructive games and sports activities - to help them make the most of their skills, learn strategies to help them in later life and boost their confidence and self esteem.

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