Selling products

Sales in the Alianza Francesa

The Alianza Francesa??(French Alliance) is a cultural center in downtown Trujillo that features artwork and cultural events helping to spread knowledge and understanding in a cross-cultural exchange. Approximately every 4-6 weeks, the center opens its doors to local vendors on Saturday mornings to sell their goods. SKIP has been using this opportunity to sell products made in our creative Economic Development workshops. Normally there are a wide range of vendors, ranging from fair-trade clothing and other NGO???s to organic food vendors and artists.

There is a good deal of camaraderie between the vendors, as we sample each other???s wares, eat and share coffee, as well as information about our products and organizations. ??Overall it is a very festive atmosphere and a good opportunity for marketing our products as well as for friendly networking between like-minded individuals and organisations.

The staff at Alianza Francesa has always been extremely helpful and friendly, from Ana, the Cultural Coordinator, to the ever present French families who founded it and keep it running . I have met several other similar NGO???s after working in the Alianza Francesa, giving me the opportunity to learn about how they operate and where many of them sell their goods. ??In addition, I have been able to meet people from larger umbrella NGO???s who work with local NGO???s like ours in marketing our products and reaching a broader network of people and organizations in our field. ?? Overall the Allianza Francesa is a fun time and a great opportunity for SKIP!

~Daniel Weaver

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.