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SKIP does Hollywood

At the SKIP Holiday Club, secondary students were given the opportunity to improve their English language skills through the exploration of cinema and filmmaking. Students watched English language films and discussed genres, storytelling and character development. Students then worked together to create their own films in English, including practicing techniques to better project their voice while on camera. One group used interview techniques and monologues to create a range of documentary shorts.??The second group wrote, directed and starred in a horror/comedy short about zombies.

At the end of the holiday club students were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the unit of work, and have input into the focus of English classes at SKIP in the future.

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Student feedback about the class was overwhelmingly positive:
100% of respondents said that the class was fun.
95% of respondents said that they would tell their friends to do this class if it was offered next year.
85% of respondents felt that because of the class they were more confident about speaking and reading English.

Here is some of what students had to say about what they learnt:

???I learnt how to act in front of a camera alone and not to be scared??? ???aprend?? a desenvolverme sola en la pel??cula y no tener meido???

???[I learnt] to speak better English and filming techniques??? ???[aprend??] hablar mejor ingl??s y t??cnicas para grabar

???[I learnt] how to create a film [and] how to speak English with fluency???. ???[aprend??] como hacer una pel??cula [y] como hablar con ingl??s fluido???

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Students??? favourite parts of the class included:

???creating and developing a film [and] when we were painted as zombies??? ???crear la pel??cula y desarrollarla [y] cuando pintaron a los zombies???

???screaming when the zombies were chasing me??? ???gritar cuando los zombis me persegu??an???

???the filming and when we had to shout very loud, more slowly and almost silently (whisper)??? ???las grabaciones y cuando ten??amos que gritas m??s fuerte, m??s despacio y casi silencio (bajo)???

???being a zombie??? ???ser zombie???

???when we made our monologues??? ???cuando hicimos nuestros mon??logos???

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Students provided a diverse range of responses when asked what they would like the focus of English classes at SKIP to be in the future, including: a focus on vocabulary and grammar; reading; conversational fluency; and more storytelling, filmmaking and exposure to English language media. We will use this feedback as with think about our future planning so we can continue providing fun and engaging lessons.

~Nadia Phillips

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.