SKIP helps stop violence against women and children

The 14th February celebrated the worldwide campaign ???One Billion Rising???, which aims to put a stop to violence against women and children.

The event took place for the second year running and aims to mobilise one billion people to fight against all forms of violence against women and girls of all ages, and, thereby, raise sensitivity and awareness of the issue.

As a member of the Gender Roundtable since November 2013, SKIP was invited to participate in an event that took place near the town hall in El Porvenir, which witnessed the coming together, not only of the representatives of the roundtable, but also of various social actors from across the district, as well as of a number of entertainers who had travelled from Lima, and all those who wanted to participate in the ???dance??? against violence.


SKIP was represented by the Family Welfare Team and the Parents Comittee, both of which participated actively in the various activities held over the course of the morning. We were given T-shirts to celebrate the day, and a group of Social Work students from the National University of Trujillo hosted a quiz on the topic of gender and equality, in which our Parents Committee won several rounds, demonstrating the SKIP families??? awareness of the topic.


Over the morning more SKIP families started to join in as they arrived. As a final touch, following the presention of each of the organisations taking part, came a mass dance, in which everyone participated.

MANY THANKS TO ALL OF THE PARTICIPANTS, BOTH THE TEAM AND THE COMMITTEE, for their help to make this issue more visible.

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.

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