SKIP Training in NISOLO

SKIP recently formed a partnership with a social business from the US called NISOLO who work with shoe makers in El Porvenir. SKIP will provide training for NISOLO staff on a monthly basis for the next three months and there is potential that the project will be extended to something more permanent.

On Saturday 15th November, with excitement to get started, we began the first session which explored themes around economic development, family budgeting and savings schemes.


During the training session the NISOLO workers actively engaged in the training, asking lots of questions and making suggestions. In this way they maximised the learning opportunity, including demonstrating the mission and vision of NISOLO and motivating the workers to continue increasing their level of productivity in the pursuit of a shared goal of improving the company.

At the end of the session, the workers thanked the trainer, SKIP’s coordinator of Family Welfare, Hilda Pachamango Martinez, and a date was set for the next training session in December when representatives from Lima will also be attending in order to evaluate the activities.

~ Hilda Pachamango Martinez

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.