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Teacher Training for Parents, Carers and Volunteers

For several years, here in SKIP, we have been working with families to promote holistic-learning and foster autonomy. This year we continued to develop a very important project which builds empowerment through workshops for parents and carers who have been with the organisation a long time, so that they may become primary school classroom assistants.cararfam

Training is held once a month exploring a different theme in order to get people more involved not just in the project, but also in the academic results of their children, and furthermore to give a place for learning and reflecting.

The parents and carers who volunteer as teaching assistants have demonstrated the knowledge they have acquired throughout all their years of training, and they have offered complex and positive reflections, on what is considered to be essential for adequate teamwork.

Within these sessions we have concluded that:
??? The team needs to have a common and clear objective to foster group bonding. In our case we have concluded that the objective is to promote individualised and professional attention in order to help our students become better people and to achieve more and better academic learning.
??? Commitment, Involvement and Responsibility unite us and make us stronger as a group.
??? This bonding is achieved through solidarity, cooperation and empathy
??? We need to put a guide in place that will foster this liaison.
??? Accurate and positive communication is what will allow us understand each other and move us forward in our objectives.parents and carers

Through group dynamics we have generated an atmosphere of harmony, happiness, love and mutual respect.

Volunteers and parents both have demonstrated a high level of involvement and participation in the project, as well as the love and absolute dedication necessary to achieve the longed for objective: to learn and to be happy.

In SKIP we continue with enthusiasm on this parents and carers classroom assistant project in order to improve it every year.

????We will achieve this together!!

Vanessa Bell??n Santamar??a (Primary Education Coordinator)


Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.