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The Vanity and Villainy of Volunteer Tourism

One of our fantastic volunteers, Hatty Farnham, had a thought provoking article published this week reflecting on her experiences volunteering in Peru with SKIP. There is an excerpt from the article below or you can read the full article on the Abstract Magazine website



“…Before we are able to change the lives of others we must change our own. There is an ugly double standard in the colonial arrogance which allows willing yet unexperienced western volunteers to believe that they may teach children, work in medical clinics, or ???change a life??? simply by offering their time. Would we allow untrained medical students to operate on our grandparents in the UK? Would we be comfortable with adults entering a nursery or school without training or background checks at home? Or with groups of tourists photographing orphans in a care home in London? It???s so easy for us to excuse these bad practices abroad because without them, without foreign aid, even in the form of volunteer tourism, the reality may be even worse.”

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.