Remote Volunteers

Not every volunteer position needs to be performed in Peru. There are many important tasks that can be completed remotely.


We are always looking for people who can help us with the translation of material for the website (English and Spanish) and also other documents that we need day to day.

This work can be completed by people who are not based with us in Peru, so perfect for anyone looking to help us from home.

Since this job will not be based in Peru, we do not need to follow the usual application process. As such, if you are interested in applying please email a CV and cover letter to


We are always looking for people who are able to help with fundraising activities to help us to continue working here in Peru. We have lots of Projects that you can help us, so you could choose to raise money for one specific initiative, or for the charity in general and we have lots of fundraising ideas

For those with more specific experience, there are a number of larger projects that we would like to make grant applications for, but time constraints have prevented us from making them thus far. Anyone with previous experience of making charity bids and a willingness to help us in this, please get in touch.

Please ??email more information.