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There are over 300 children between the ages of four and eighteen years old currently enrolled in the education programme, which makes it the largest department in SKIP. We aim to maintain an exciting, stimulating and engaging learning environment. Our aim is not to replace the local education system, but rather supplement it. Following a curriculum designed especially for the children at SKIP, we provide classes in subjects such as reading comprehension, Maths and English.

Creative Arts Programme
The SKIP creative arts programme involves 9 primary groups between the ages of 5 and 13 years and 6 secondary groups between 13 and 17 years. For many of the participants these classes are the first exposure to art. The main goal of the programme is to encourage these students to find their voice and express their feelings freely through a variety of mediums. We are seeking to facilitate personal development for our students through art, dance, theatre, song, games, and other types of creative expression. In addition, the Creative Arts leader will host drama workshops for secondary students on a regular basis, which will culminate in a small production.

If you do not feel you have enough experience, or strong enough language skills to run the arts programme, you can still be involved as a teaching assistant

The Position

The Arts Leader will be responsible for creating, delivering and evaluating 11 one hour classes per week to 11 different age groups. They will be expected to:

  • Source all materials needed
  • Write project proposals
  • Creatively deliver all the objectives in the curriculum
  • Add to and develop the curriculum
  • Deliver classes/projects that are relevant to the students' lives, community, country and beliefs
  • Plan lessons in advance
  • Deliver each lesson
  • Evaluate participants' progress and each project
  • Train and support local volunteers
  • At times coordinate a team and attend weekly meetings as well as take part in training sessions
  • Work within a very tight budget

The benefits of volunteering with SKIP

In return for your invaluable participation in our volunteering programme, SKIP will also provide:

  • A thorough induction to the organisation, programmes, department and specific role
  • Structured and relevant training from fully qualified and experienced staff members??-??you can read??bios for all our permanent team??on the website
  • Free accommodation
  • A volunteering visa if you commit to 12 months
  • Mentoring and support in the form of regular supervision and staff meetings as well as informal sessions
  • The chance to be a part of a diverse and dedicated team and a welcoming community
  • Confirmation of volunteer service

Volunteer Profile


  • At least a 6 month commitment
  • Experience working with children
  • Knowledge/background in creative art
  • Good organisation skills
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Ability to work with limited resources


  • 9 month commitment
  • Advanced or Fluent level of Spanish
  • Understanding of child development in relation to artistic capability
  • Experience in therapeutic drama settings
  • Experience working within a restricted budget

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volunteer blog: creative arts leader

In 2012 I traveled throughout South America and was enchanted by Peru. With its extraordinary diversity of geography - jungle, mountains and coast - I discovered a wide range of expression in art, cuisine and music. As an artist, it was if I???d found the holy grail of inspiration. As a surfer, it was a dream come true to surf consistent waves in friendly, uncrowded lineups. It was while living in Huanchaco that I met the delightful and committed people of SKIP. I had to come back and in 2014 I returned to volunteer.

Currently I am teaching eleven art classes per week to children ages 5-17 years old. We work with recycled materials and the occasional box of donated art supplies. The goal is to develop projects appropriate to their capacities - something that delights as well as challenges them - while maximizing our limited supplies. Each Primary class is one hour so it can be pretty demanding to organize and communicate a project to a roomful of eager little kids - in Spanish. Once inside the community of SKIP you need to have a lot of patience and good sense of humor. You want to be nurturing and also a little rigorous. In a flash the day is over and everyone leaves the campus together talking story about the trials and triumphs of the day.

With over 25 years of professional art experience and an arts education I come with a resume appropriate to my resource rich, techno-connected life in the art system of the United States. One of the many challenges here is exposing the children to art not only in their own community but that of the world at large. At SKIP we don???t have an art library, easy access to local museums nor computers connected to the internet. But art existed long before any of these institutions and creativity ignores boundaries. Improvisation is an art and working with what???s available a real touchstone to my earliest and fondest memories of making art. It???s a thrill to see the kids creatively inspired and hard at work making masterpieces from what many of us consider trash. At times I am certain the one who is learning most is me.

None of it would be possible without the dedicated team of volunteers and coordinators. Energetic and enthusiastic, smart and a lot of fun, the SKIP family is without a doubt one of the finest teams I???ve encountered in all my years working and volunteering. With people like this, the future looks bright!

~ Christie