Youth Worker

  • Communications classes

The Secondary Education Programme

The aim of the Secondary Programme is to create a suitable atmosphere for SKIP teenagers, ranging in age from 12-18 years old, to navigate the difficult transition from child to adult and make positive choices for their future lives. Group sessions focus on values of solidarity and cooperation, respecting both themselves and others and also developing self-esteem and confidence.

The Position

We need innovative thinkers who will be able to use our limited resources to have maximum impact for the 100 young people enrolled in the programme.

The youth work programme allows young people to participate in three different types of extracurricular activities at SKIP: academic, recreational and workshops/scholarships. The academic options consist of English, Maths and Communications which each young person studies twice per week for 50 minutes per session.

The second recreational option at SKIP allows the students to develop an array of skills such as: art, sports and critical thinking.

We also provide additional training sessions in anything from career options so sexual health offering support and information.

Since young people only have sessions at SKIP three times per week (around 9 hours in total) volunteers will be able to choose to participate in another SKIP programme, see website for more information on positions available.

The benefits of volunteering with us

In return for your invaluable participation in our volunteering programme, SKIP will provide:

  • A thorough induction to the organisation, programmes, department and specific role
  • Structured and relevant training from fully qualified and experienced staff members - you can read bios for all our permanent team on the website
  • Mentoring and support in the form of regular supervision and staff meetings as well as informal sessions
  • The chance to be a part of a diverse and dedicated team and a welcoming community
  • Confirmation of volunteer service

Volunteer Profile


  • Interest in youth work
  • Basic??Spanish
  • Passion for working with teenagers
  • Enthusiasm
  • Energy
  • Patience
  • Tenacity
  • Maturity
  • Minimum 1 month commitment.


  • Experience working with at-risk teenagers or those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Advanced/Fluent Spanish

If you would like to apply then click here to find out more about the programme requirements and to download an application form.


volunteer blog: youth work in skip

My name is Mar and I am from Spain. I worked as the coordinator for secondary education at SKIP from October 2012 until February 2014. My responsibilities included coordination, supporting and training the secondary Ed???s volunteers, and I also worked with the families and the programme participants, who were all supported by excellent teamwork, since each programme and each person forms part of the whole and we all work towards a common goal.

The experience was very gratifying. When I decided to take the position and move to Peru, I was overwhelmed with emotion ??? on the one hand I felt the excitement of getting to experience another way of life different from my own, but on the other hand I felt the uncertainty of living far away from my home and my friends. But when I got there I felt very welcomed and supported both by everyone at SKIP, as well as, the families that participate in the program. It was much more than volunteering; it was becoming part of a family, a community, and living in a multicultural environment with other volunteers that come from all different parts of the world, which gives you the opportunity to see different ways of life.
Apart from contributing my little grain of sand to the secondary education program, I have learned a lot both on a personal and professional level from the work there. Working with the families and getting to know the population makes you question many things, and get to know other cultures, other ways of viewing life, other realities, and that is the best part of a project like this.

Working with this population has taught to see the important things in life, which sometimes are the littlest things. The mothers are an example of the fight, the strength, the determination to change things and empower themselves, and most of all, an example of sharing, of giving and receiving, and giving a lot, because they are so full of happiness, a love of life, desire to change, to be better and for me this is the most valuable, now I am sure that these are the important things in life.

Adolescence is a crucial stage for boys and girls, working with them has been a challenge, but it has been wonderful seeing how they grow, how they are motivated little by little to do things and above all else, to see them be able to contribute by being capable of expressing their opinions and being able to think critically about what is going on around them, especially when everyday life is tough since many of them often have to juggle school, work, and taking care of their families. Hearing them say that we motivated them to continue studying, or that they liked one of our workshops so much that they want to pursue it further really makes you think your job is worthwhile.

Skip is a big family, you work in teams, you live with people from all over the world, and more than anything, it is a great lifelong learning experience.


Hi, my name is Francisco and I am a lawyer living in Santiago, Chile. During the first semester of 2014, I was a volunteer at SKIP for 4 months working primarily as an elementary school teacher. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

SKIP is an international organisation, and as a Latin American volunteer I believe my experience was distinctly different from the volunteers who came from other parts of the world. Primarily becuase I think it is good to take responsibility for one???s own problems, and if you want to change the world, there???s no better place to start than in you own backyard! Confronting poverty and giving our a kids a quality education is a challenge that cannot wait. In this sense, the contribution that Spanish-speaking volunteers can make to SKIP is huge, especially since most of the classes ??? except for the English class ??? are taught in Spanish, and the many of the volunteers are English-speaking.

From the point of view of the organisation, the kind of people that work at SKIP are excellent: they are people who are committed, cheerful, approachable, and above all else, professional, always willing to provide each of the volunteers the tools necessary to do a better job.

Also, living in the house with the volunteers gave me the chance to have an intercultural exchange, get to know people from around the world, make lasting friendships, and it gave me the chance to practise my English (which is the language that is used at the house), while at the same time helping the other volunteers with their Spanish.

Before going to Peru, I spent a lot of time looking for an organisation where I could volunteer, and today I am happy to know that I could not have made a better decision. The children will fill your soul and many will tell you that you'll get much more from this experience than you'll be able to contribute, but this will not be true until you come and experience it for yourself.

Francisco Sep??lveda Burgos