Compromiso de mujer

The Women’s Meeting

In June of 2014 SKIP began a new group for women who are part of the programme ???Compromiso de Mujer??? (Women’s Meeting Group) a name selected by participants in the first session. In addition to introducing ourselves, we established the basis of this new initiative in El Porvenir, the foundations of a new home that we will build together.

In respect to that task, here we continue 3 months later, with meetings every fortnight on Fridays, where we lay new building blocks of knowledge, cement our trust to build a safe place, where we share experiences, knowledge, skills, and together confront our individual difficulties. Giving value to what everyone knows and to what everyone has, we multiply it when we add it to what others know and have.

The sessions are facilitated by the Social Work Programme, with help and support of the Psychology Programme. They assume the role of revitalisers and facilitators, promoting participation from everyone, generating ideas and increasing the power of individuals which collectively enriches them to weave a net of mutual support that cushions falls, that cares, that accompanies, that generates ties, that builds communities, and that promotes the empowerment of each and every woman.

A space of learning, reflection and knowledge, where we talk, where we talk a lot! We converse, we debate various subjects of interest of the group. From how to talk to teenagers, to education strategies for younger children. We also talk about gender violence, where to go for help, what to do, how to help each other, how to improve our self-confidence, how to be assertive, our sexual and reproductive health, community resources, and there are still many meetings and many more interesting chats!

There is so much to learn together, lots to share like when we talked about violence which was facilitated by Iris and Rosa, two of SKIP???s participants who have trained as neighbourhood leaders in the El Porvenir Emergency Center for Women, and wanted to share their experience and knowledge with other women. I’ll leave you with a picture of that Friday!

~by Veronica Garcia, SKIP Psychology Programme Coordinator

compromiso de mujer 2

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.