Youth Day 2

Celebrating Youth Day

Youth DayOn the 13th of September we celebrated Youth Day in SKIP with all the young people from the secondary programme.

The whole Secondary team were really excited about the event and had spent time preparing their activities. We also made a few artistic creations for the office to dress it up a little and make sure that it was a special moment for everyone. It was a day to get to know each other better, have a little fun and let go, outside of the classrooms where we normally spend time together.

As part of the theme, “Together we can do it” we spent some fun time with the young people and, of course, it was a fun time for us SKIP volunteers too. The objective was to work as a team, develop listening skills, respect, communication skills and, of course love.

After all the games we took to the dance floor and everyone had took a turn to show off their moves. Some groups preferred to talk while others were happy to watch or looked for volunteers to chat to. The bravest danced in the middle of the patio while others watched on.Youth Day 3

So there were smiles all round and the loveliest comments from the kids, “Profe, can we have more days like this?” “I’m embarrassed to dance, but I’d like to try”
“Profe, Together, we can do it!”


A day filled with joy and happiness for adults and young people alike.

You can see more photos of Youth Day on our facebook

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