Youth Volunteering Project

Since the secondary programme began and as the years have gone by we have seen the children finish, and have followed what they have gone on to do in their lives for their families and for themselves when they have been into the office on occasions for advice and information.

Over the past years, we began to think about the possibility of involving them once again in SKIP. Why not call them again to see if they want to take part as volunteers? Who better to take on the role of assistants than those who have been in the classrooms? What better example for the children than other classmates who have already finished and are moving forward with their dreams? Why not someone who has been here before and who knows the programme?


After several calls and meetings arranged through the families, in April we began this new graduate project. Three meetings were held with everyone who was interested, and we established the objectives of this new project, the activities they wanted to develop, their availability and interest in returning.

The idea is that on the one hand they will take part as classroom assistants and on the other they will be able to take the class they like most. At the same time we want to create a communication area which can be used to carry on learning but can also work as an information exchange, a place to bring ideas which can be enjoyed, an information point for concerns that might arise???.a space that can be used to teach from their own reality, their personal experience of life based on everything they learnt as they passed through the classrooms at SKIP.


To see that it is possible to follow dreams such as being a dance teacher, lawyer, doctor, police officer, school teacher, to combine their studies with giving their free time to the place they enjoyed not so long ago.

Jennifer, Marco, Carlos, Johny, Ada, Rosa, Jordan, Toushman,??? Thank you for joining our-your team and for making this dream a reality!

Posted in Trujillo and Huanchaco.